Where is my distributor? Or how I became a one-time customer.

31 January 2017   |    Nikita Pazin   |   Business

The new year holidays have passed, and it's time to take stock. Like many people, I saved my time and money by making purchases in online stores. Let's start with a pleasant one. The situation with delivery and availability has improved, but something tells me that there was a General drop in demand. And of the positive changes, this is probably all, but what then in the unpleasant? Unfortunately, quite a lot.

Transfer case

None of the orders delivered to me contained information about other products presented in this store. Why these stores missed this opportunity - at least minimal information about me is in their statistics, even if I went directly to the product page from the search engine. What prevents you from putting a few booklets about products, not to mention discount coupons (which are actively used by American online stores), etc. Why they treat me as a one-time customer.

Shortly before the holidays, I bought a 3D pen in an online store that pays a lot of attention to its promotion, and does it quite competently. But in the box that arrived, there was no booklet about available consumables and accessories, or coupons for it. I was hoping that I would receive at least monthly e-mail with the offer of these products, but no. And for them, I was a one-time customer. Bottom line: I buy consumables in another store.


What also surprised me was that no store offered to pack my product. The marginality of this service is quite high, and customer loyalty from its offers can simply go through the roof. If the companies are small and they do not allocate resources, then there are companies that offer such services. Packaging will never become superfluous, and packaging materials do not have an expiration date. I don't say anything about personal letters from Santa and Santa Claus to children. The branded package I got only in one pickup, and then for 3 rubles.

Reviews and service

Only one store sent a letter asking for a rating and review on Yandex Market, showing a complete lack of understanding of psychology. The right move is to ask if the customer liked everything and how they can improve their service. Nothing encourages me to leave a review - I spend my time getting nothing for it.

Only in one store I was asked to leave the coordinates for the notification of receipt of the product. not available in stock. The product was delivered to the warehouse, but the notification was not sent out.


Although I wrote that everything is good in this area, but there were several incidents.

Incident #1. Instead of delivery, I was definitely offered pickup, and only from the point where I had the desired product. My request to move to a point closer to me was refused.

Incident # 2. The order was confirmed on 25 with delivery on 31. I was surprised, but it was a pleasant surprise. 28 there was a call-order 31 will not be-no problem I only need it 7, so call. The next call came on January 13. Comments are unnecessary.

New year gift

Everyone loves gifts, including me. One of my orders was quite everyday, but perfect in the run-up to the holidays and I received a small box for my order (20*10*7 see) which contained... a small envelope with a coupon for receiving a small piece of jewelry from a partner company. The marketer can only be praised for the idea, but how was it implemented? I took the coupon and went to the nearest store of the partner company and could not get a gift, because I did not have a receipt for a purchase in that online store (for fairness, I should note that this condition was mentioned in small print on the coupon). Arriving there a couple of days later, I again could not get a gift, because " their 1C did not work for several days”. Well, I persevered, a few days later I found myself next to another store, where I was still able to get my gift, and they tried to give it to me twice, because the seller who was engaged in its registration in the process was distracted by another customer. The moral of this story is quite simple. Reality and inflexibility can turn any good idea into a disaster.

I hope the stories I have described will warn you against mistakes and draw your attention to other aspects of online shopping. After all, there comes a time when stores compete not only with the price of the product, but also with the service.

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