UI/UX audit

Using usability audit, you can find and fix errors in the interface, as well as affect the KPI of your site.

In any market, even the most conservative, the situation changes quite dynamically. To remain competitive and offer your customers a product that meets their current needs or anticipate them, you need to adjust your UX-strategy.

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In what cases is it recommended
You are not satisfied with the conversion rate or other KPIs of your project.
You have developed a design and want to get an independent usability review before implementing it.
Before a significant upgrade of the project.
What is UI/UX-audit
  • As a result, you get a document that contains not only an expert opinion with justification.
  • Specific recommendations for Troubleshooting and improvement, as well as a forecast for the impact of this change on your project's KPI.

We approach each project individually based on the specifics of the business and the tasks set for us. Here you can find fragments of documents.

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What will it do for me?
01. Identify discrepancies between the interface and real user scenarios.

02. Detecting usability errors.

03. For the formation of a specific pool of tasks to make changes.

04. Creating a list of A/B tests and criteria for them.

The time and cost
1 000-1 500 €
Average cost
2-4 weeks
80-120 pages
Volume of report

The cost and timing of strategy formation depends on the following parameters:

Available introductory information
The specifics of the business or project
Documentation included in the audit
How the audit process is built
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