Automation of quality control and service

An interesting case study on using web forms to automate internal processes in a company.

  • ClientCapeCoffee
  • IndustryHoReCa, Service, Wholesale and retail trade
  • ServicesBitrix24, Process automation

C Cape Coffee is a full-service company. Specializes not only in roasting coffee and deliveries to cafes and restaurants, but also in quality control, service of coffee machines, Barista training.


Automate the service procedure for coffee machines and the procedure for checking the quality of prepared beverages. Get tools for analyzing statistics for these issues.

Automation of quality control and service

Service and quality control occurred according to the following scenario: the specialist arrived at the client's facility, performed work, filled out a report on the spot and, returning to the office, duplicated it in the internal system. Sometimes the report was required for a client representative who was located in a different location, and this required creating an e-mail with a copy of the report. However, the history of such reports did not have a strict structure, although it was stored and available for analysis.

The initiative for such verification could come from different sources: from the client, according to an internal schedule, or carried out as part of a random check by the specialist himself. All these scenarios were taken into account when developing a business process for CRM automation.

Since the implementation of the quality assessment required the calculation of points and analysis of dynamics for each indicator directly on the spot, the Bitrix24 forms, unfortunately, were not suitable. This is why we recommended that the customer use the Formdesigner service. The service offers a rich set of tools for working with such data. The service integrates with Bitrix24, which opens up wide opportunities for expanding the functionality. Separately want to mention opportunities for customization and restriction of access to such forms. I.e. form is available only for a number of employees of the company, and Analytics for managers.


After implementing the scenario we proposed, we got the following scheme: when an employee comes to the object, he opens the form on the phone and works with it, accompanying important operations with photos or informing the client of intermediate grades and the overall score. For some operations that require reporting documents, only a short form is filled out that remains with the client. After sending the form, the data is sent to Bitrix, where they form entries in the universal list and link to the company card, and the client receives a beautiful email with a report, photo and recommendations. As a result, data is stored in the most structured way possible, clients receive reports as quickly as possible, and employees spend significantly less time on generating reports.

The list is easy to work with thanks to the standard filter, and The formdesigner application built into Bitrix24 is used for data analysis.

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