Development of pre-project documentation

Audit the current project and create a prototype to correct identified errors in navigation.

  • ClientTripWeCan
  • IndustryTravel and tourism
  • ServicesDevelopment of documentation , Consulting

T – marketplace for finding and buying adventures, entertainment and excursions in Russia. The project answers the main question of the buyer – "what to do?" when planning a vacation or weekend. Project it is equally targeted at both service providers and customers.


Before restarting the project, you need to conduct an analysis, work out the navigation on the portal, and create a set of pre-project documentation.

User stories (User Stories)
  • Select typical scenarios for each segment of the project's audience.
  • Take into account your own experience of the project and the experience of competitors.
StoryMap (prototype of the site navigation system)
  • Create a visual StoryMap map
  • Take into account the settings that affect the display of content depending on GEO-positioning.
  • Take into account two main scenarios in navigation: the Main traffic makes purchases of excursions and entertainment after arriving at the place of rest/business trip. And the second significant segment of traffic plans entertainment at the place of rest in advance.
Interactive prototype
  • Adhere to the basic principles - maximum conversion, minimum number of steps before making a purchase, and an intuitive interface.
  • A list of pages that are landing pages for traffic has been generated, and this should be taken into account when developing layouts.
  • Develop the mechanics of the search filter.
  • Structurally and visually avoid associations with travel companies' websites.
Development of pre-project documentation

Before starting the work, we analyzed the existing site, the analysis of resources that are competitors and similar in the model of resources. We have developed the basic principles for navigating the resource. Based on the data we collected and the data provided by the customer, the main behavior scenarios and user tasks were identified.

Each user history consists of several sections:

  • Character information (Name, age, role)
  • Backstory - a more detailed story about the character, immersing in his character.
  • Situation-a model of a real situation in which the target audience finds itself.
  • Solution - the path chosen by the character to solve their problem.
  • Task solution scenario-a detailed description of the user's actions and technical or functional solutions required at each step.

After forming a pool of stories, We moved on to storymap visualization. StoryMapping is a tool that helps you understand the functionality of a product, how to use it, and helps you prioritize when planning a release.

The story map is often displayed to the project team during release planning sessions. By analyzing the history map, the team can better identify dependencies that result from the expected flow of traffic through user stories. The map can also be used to assess and manage risks by looking at how stories will work together in the context of getting business benefits.

In the prototype of the main page, a mechanic was developed for selecting ads based on formal attributes and tags, which allows you to clearly see and manage the number of offers. Similar mechanics were transferred to the advanced filter for selecting an adventure.

Thanks to this approach, the task of combining two different scenarios for choosing and planning adventures was solved.

The adventure card was designed to meet a number of requirements:

  • Usability-requirements for ease of user navigation
  • Technical
  • Conversion-the page will be a landing page for advertising campaigns
  • SEO

Special attention was paid to the user's personal account, where all the main service functions of the portal became available.


As a result of our work, the customer received well-developed concepts based on Analytics, research and professional experience. The development of these concepts was accompanied by numerous consultations, and their result was a set of documents with which you can move to the next stage of restarting the project.

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