CRM and business processes

Implementation of Bitrix24 CRM for the B2B direction of the company and automation of business processes.

  • ClientKomandor Baltica
  • IndustryFurniture and interior
  • ServicesBitrix24, Process automation , Consulting , CRM implementation

O Official representative of the trading house “commander " in the North-Western region with a network of salons and its own certified production. The company is engaged in the design and manufacture of wardrobes, for which KOMANDOR furniture accessories are used. Today the company has twenty showrooms in Saint Petersburg and two showrooms in Kirovsk.

  • Implement CRM for B2B destinations
  • Create tools for management to control the effectiveness of directions and work of employees
  • Automate existing processes related to approval of internal documents
  • Automate the process of selecting, hiring, and training employees
  • To provide training for staff
CRM and business processes

Before implementation, the company used Bitrix24 mainly for setting tasks. The third-party CRM used by the retail Department was not suitable for solving B2B tasks. The main reason was that B2B transactions require more flexible tools in contrast to traditional systems designed to work with B2C clients. In this regard, at the first stage of the sales Department's transition to Bitrix24, the B2B direction was chosen.

The following works were performed for the B2B sales Department:

  • CRM configured
  • Directions of transactions by sales types are formed
  • External CRM communication channels are enabled
  • Moved data from the client database
  • Training of employees involved in the work of the direction was conducted

Management has set up reports that allow you to get real-time information about the Department's work, as well as evaluate the workload of employees involved in the sales cycle.

When transferring existing business processes to Bitrix24, we often encounter a situation where information about them is not formalized or the regulations are not up-to-date. In such cases, we solve the problem in several stages:

  • Interviews, sometimes in several rounds, with all participants in the process and media about the process
  • Development of the process concept. At this stage, you can clearly see all the inconsistencies in the views of different employees and the results of " forks” that did not occur earlier
  • Transferring the process to Bitrix24

In this project the following processes were implemented using this scheme:

  • Reconciliation of accounts
  • In the process of recruiting
  • Employee training and adaptation process
  • Employee recruitment process
  • The dismissal process

After implementing the last four processes, the customer received a formalized system that is responsible for the entire” life cycle " of the employee. Processes are not only initiated in cascades, flowing one into another, but can also be started independently, in whole or in fragments, for example, for periodic testing of employees.


Transfer of the business processes enabled:

  • Get a formal, logically verified description of the procedure.
  • Information about the progress of the process does not depend on employees who have information about a particular part of the process. No step will be missed or forgotten.
  • Making changes to the process requires only two actions - the change itself and notifying employees via "Important messages".
  • The time of the process has been significantly reduced, and the influence of the human factor has decreased.
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