HRM-system based on Bitrix24

Implementation of Bitrix24 for the tasks of the HR Department.

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Human Resource Management System

Are designed for personnel management, but their functionality is broader than that of human resources automation systems. Such solutions allow you to work not only with quantitative, but also with qualitative indicators of personnel. Their main task is to attract and retain valuable specialists for the company.

HRM-system based on Bitrix24

A A dynamically developing company specializing in the production and delivery of proper, healthy food for the residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Every day, more than half a million portions of delicious food are produced and delivered. The company employs more than 150 people. The entire cycle from menu development to delivery is provided by the company. Growfood is not only a customer-oriented company, but also strives to create the most comfortable working conditions for each employee.

  • Combine all the company's employees working in different offices in a single service.
  • Create a unified information space in the company.
  • Create new services for employees.
  • Make the exchange, transfer and storage of information as convenient as possible.
  • Automate the work of the HR Department and HR Department.
  • To automate the startup of internal projects of the company.
HRM-system based on Bitrix24

Many tasks were solved using the extensive capabilities of the basic Bitrix24 functionality. the implementation itself was carried out progressively, without interfering with the daily work of employees, and only pleasing with the regular addition of many features.

It began with the formation of the company structure and familiarization of employees with the functionality of Bitrix24. the Staff tasks assigned to a new employee were expanded and significantly supplemented. This way the user got not only into a friendly environment, but also got acquainted with all the available functionality.

Employees were drawn into internal communications, which were managed by the HR Department, which allowed them to get to know those with whom they work more closely. Information about events in the company became available as quickly as possible.

The Wiki functions for each Department and the knowledge Base via a third-party solution were used to store the accumulated knowledge and transmit it.

To automate the workflow and procedures for hiring and firing employees, business processes that were transferred from the company's internal regulations were developed and implemented. All procedures have become as transparent as possible for participants and have significantly saved working time.

Bitrix24 telephony was connected for external communications, which allowed us to structure all communications and prepare a base for further analysis.


Employees now have the opportunity to really participate in the life of the company and influence some decisions. And the management was provided with reliable feedback from employees. In addition, you can ask questions and offer your own solutions.

In General, the number of user communications increased, which had a positive impact not only on the mood of employees, but also on their productivity.

All agreements have become fixed, the number of similar questions has decreased due to the constant replenishment of the Knowledge Base.

Thanks to the automation of processes, the human error factor was reduced to a minimum and the task completion time was significantly reduced.


Along with company growth, new requirements, e.g. automated startup of internal projects or work of HR specialists through the built-in CRM standard features which allow you to use it for these purposes. For example, the HeadHunter portal has developed modules that allow you to integrate into Bitrix24, namely, work with applicants through CRM, as well as evaluate the workload and quality of work of HR managers.

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