Competitive analysis

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of a product or project compared to other companies ' products based on a set of criteria.

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In what cases is it recommended
Identify areas of the market that you don't have enough information about.
Develop new products and services.
Identify market trends and improve sales performance.
What is competitive analysis
  • A report based on the closest competitors, based on data obtained from open sources. The report is developed using a method similar to PEST.

We approach each project individually based on the specifics of the business and the tasks set for us. Here you can find fragments of documents.

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What will it do for me?
01. Competitive analysis is a mandatory stage in the development of a comprehensive project development strategy.

02. This analysis helps you understand the situation in the industry, find your niche and understand in which direction to develop.

03. For example, you can analyze successful decisions and mistakes of competitors, determine what is popular in this market segment and what new things can be offered, and evaluate the potential of your own business project as a tool for generating profit.

04. Based on the analysis, you can create or correct the correct vector of marketing activity and minimize risks, find growth points.

The time and cost
800 - 1 500 €
Average cost
2-4 weeks
50-100 pages
Volume of document

The cost and timing of strategy formation depends on the following parameters:

Available introductory information
The specifics of the business or project
Types of reports included in the document
How the audit process is built
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