Development of documentation

Regardless of the chosen development methodology, the project team needs project documentation.

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In what cases is it recommended
Before starting a new project.
When the project is restarted or significantly upgraded.
You need material for the development of the technical specification or the choice of a contractor for the development.
What is technical documentation
  • A text document developed according to standards and a series of diagrams describing processes and internal relationships.

We approach each project individually based on the specifics of the business and the tasks set for us. Here you can find fragments of documents.

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What will it do for me?
01. Create documentation that is understandable for all project participants, on the basis of which decisions will be made and the effectiveness of the team members will be evaluated.

02. Provide documentation to the contractor to assess the cost of project implementation.

03. Form the basis of the project's knowledge base.

The time and cost
800 - 2 000 €
Average cost
2-6 weeks
60-120 pages
Volume of document

The cost and timing of strategy formation depends on the following parameters:

Available introductory information
The specifics of the business or project
Types of documents included in the service
How the audit process is built
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