Interactive prototype development is an element of flexible development techniques.

The prototype allows you to significantly reduce costs when developing and launching a new project.

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In what cases is it recommended
Before starting, when restarting or significantly upgrading the project.
You have a hypothesis that needs to be tested.
You need material for the development of the technical specification or the choice of a contractor for the development.
What is prototype
  • An interactive website with a simplified interface and emulation of the functionality.

We approach each project individually based on the specifics of the business and the tasks set for us. Here you can find fragments of documents.

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What will it do for me?
01. Thoroughly consider the location of all necessary blocks and design elements.

02. Simulate behavior scenarios and organize a system for navigating and navigating through the funnel to key actions.

03. Present clearly the concept of the future project.

04. Form the basis for developing a technical task.

The time and cost
1 000 - 2 000 €
Average cost
3-8 weeks
30 - 60 pages

The cost and timing of strategy formation depends on the following parameters:

Available introductory information
The specifics of the business or project
How the audit process is built
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