Audit criteria

When conducting audits, we use authoritative research.
Basic principles


Prototypicality principles

The degree to which an element is representative of a given category, i.e. it can serve as its model. In other words, an action that occurs with the same objects must be predictable and lead to the expected result, and objects that have a similar action must have the same design).


Experience principle.

it is easier for the user to use their experience in other areas and build on it when interacting with the interface. Since the most visited resources are search engines, social networks, and online stores, it is this experience that the user will try to apply to most interfaces.


Sales cycle

The principle of leading the user to the goal. The cycle consists of several stages: attracting attention, providing basic information, processing objections, motivating or additional information, and the action itself. in Other words, building one or more funnels with minimal losses.


The principle of the corridor

Is a conscious restriction of the user's choice, the elimination of secondary elements that attract attention and can distract from making a target decision. Example: hiding the menu on the shopping cart page in an online store.

Books and research
  • UX Strategy

    UX strategy

    How to Devise Innovative Digital Products that People Want

    by Jaime Levy  |  ISBN:  1449372864
  • Design for How People Think
    Book / Research

    Design for How People Think

    Using Brain Science to Build Better Products

    by John Whalen Ph. D.   |  ISBN: 1491985453
  • Don't Make Me Think, Revisited

    Don't Make Me Think, Revisited

    A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability (Voices That Matter)

    by Steve Krug   |  ISBN:  0321965515
  • Lean UX

    Lean UX

    Designing Great Products with Agile Teams

    by Jeff Gothelf, Josh Seiden   |  ISBN:  9781491953600
  • Usability Testing for Survey Research

    Usability Testing for Survey Research

    by Emily Geisen , Jennifer Romano Bergstrom  |  ISBN:  0128036567
  • UX Research

    UX Research

    Practical Techniques for Designing Better Products

    by Brand Nunnaly, David Farkas  |  ISBN:  149195129X
  • Interviewing Users

    Interviewing Users

    How to Uncover Compelling Insights

    by Steve Portigal  |  ISBN:  193382011X
  • Fixing Bad UX Designs

    Fixing Bad UX Designs

    Master proven approaches, tools, and techniques to make your user experience great again

    by Lisandra Maioli  |  ISBN:  9781787128224
  • UX Design for Mobile

    UX Design for Mobile

    Design apps that deliver impressive mobile experiences

    by Pablo Perea, Pau Giner   |  ISBN:  9781788626699
  • Hands-On UX Design for Developers

    Hands-On UX Design for Developers

    Design, prototype, and implement compelling user experiences from scratch

    by Elvis Canziba   |  ISBN:  9781787283428
  • Articulating Design Decisions

    Articulating Design Decisions

    Communicate with Stakeholders, Keep Your Sanity, and Deliver the Best User Experience

    by Tom Greever   |  ISBN:  1491921560
  • User Story Mapping: Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product

    User Story Mapping

    Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product

    by Jeff Patton, Peter Economy   |  ISBN:  1491904909
  • Discussing Design

    Discussing Design

    Improving Communication and Collaboration through Critique

    by Adam Connor, Aaron Irizarry   |  ISBN:  149190240X
  • Design Leadership

    Design Leadership

    How Top Design Leaders Build and Grow Successful Organizations

    by Richard Banfield   |  ISBN:  1491929200
  • Mapping Experiences

    Mapping Experiences

    A Complete Guide to Creating Value through Journeys, Blueprints, and Diagrams

    by Jim Kalbach   |  ISBN: 1491923539
  • Strategic Writing for UX

    Strategic Writing for UX

    Drive Engagement, Conversion, and Retention with Every Word

    by Torrey Podmajersky   |  ISBN: 1492049395
  • Org Design for Design Orgs

    Org Design for Design Orgs

    Building and Managing In-House Design Teams

    by Peter Merholz, Kristin Skinner   |  ISBN: 9781491938409
  • Org Design for Design Orgs

    Eye Tracking in User Experience Design

    by Jennifer Romano Bergstrom, Andrew Schall   |  ISBN: 012408138X
  • Handbook of Usability Testing

    Handbook of Usability Testing

    How to Plan, Design, and Conduct Effective Tests

    by Jeffrey Rubin, Dana Chisnell, Jared Spool   |  ISBN: 978-0470185483
  • Rocket Surgery Made Easy

    Rocket Surgery Made Easy

    The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems

    by Steve Krug   |  ISBN:  978-0321657299
  • How Are Online Health Messages Processed? Using
Eye Tracking to Predict Recall of Information in Younger and Older Adults

    How Are Online Health Messages Processed? Using Eye Tracking to Predict Recall of Information in Younger and Older Adults

    by Nadine Bol, Julia C. M. van Weert, Eugène F. Loos, Jennifer C. Romano Bergstrom, Sifra Bolle & Ellen M. A. Smets
  • Rocket Surgery Made Easy

    Age-Related Differences in Eye Tracking and Usability Performance: Website Usability for Older Adults

    by Jennifer C. Romano Bergstrom, Erica L. Olmsted-Hawala, Matt E. Jans