What is Bitrix24?

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Tasks and projects


Сontact center

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9 000 000
registered companies
interface languages
technical support languages
data centers in 9 countries
A complete set of tools for organizing the company's work


Bitrix24 is a free or low-cost CRM jam-packed with client management, customers support and marketing automation features. Available in cloud and on-premise, on desktop and mobile devices.


Your virtual PBX. Call from Bitrix24 to regular phones - landline and mobile! Accept incoming calls. Distribute calls between employees.

Tasks and projects

Bitrix24 helps you plan and execute your projects on time every time. Available online and on-premise with open source code access.


Automation of CRM processes and tasks, as well as any business processes in the company and document management.

Documents Online

Manage your documents online in bitrix24: for free, with all the benefits of google docs and microsoft office online.


Your daily tool of joint work with the files. connect shared folders, share documents with colleagues, and transfer work files to bitrix24!


Plan meetings and meetings with colleagues, choose a convenient time for all participants, connect your calendars to your mobile phone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android).


Connect free mailboxes @bitrix24.ru or with your domain. No volume restrictions, with anti-virus and anti-spam. check your email directly from bitrix24!

Social net

Do you remember your feelings from social networking? Easy, convenient, everything is clear and accessible. imagine that you can communicate with colleagues as quickly and easily, solving work issues, working together on tasks and projects!


Make the company structure transparent to managers and employees, and use motivation tools.

Chats and video calls

Communicate with colleagues in a business chat, make video calls-get an instant reaction, exchange information instantly.


Collaboration is not limited to the office - all tools are available on mobile phones and tablets.

We will help you solve the following tasks

To automate the processes of the company
  • formalize processes
  • Reduce decision-making time
  • To solve the internal HR tasks
  • implement time and resource tracking
  • Implement a project approach
Increase transparency in the company
  • Generate up-to-date reports on the activities of divisions
  • Increase the availability of information
  • Implement horizontal information transfer
  • Improve communication between employees
  • Create a unified information environment
To automate the sales
  • To implement a CRM
  • Implement customer service standards
  • Automate secondary sales
  • Reduce routine workload for employees

Package implementation and individual approach

Packages have a fixed cost, time frame, and pool of work
Information and technical support

€ 400

per month
  • 16 normal hours
  • technical support
  • product and accounting advice
  • configuration and automation work
  • Integration with other services, including telephony
  • Creating websites and stores using Bitrix24
The package can be tailored to the needs of your business.
Basic implementation

€ 500

one-time payment
  • Basic settings: users and structure
  • basic crm setup: leads, deals, funnels and access rights
  • Configuring robots and triggers in CRM
  • Integration with a cloud PBX, setting up a contact center
  • setting up 3 working groups using the example of a department, a project, and working with a contractor
  • Training: 3-hour presentation-master class for employees
Business automation

€ 1 000

one-time payment
  • 4 business processes in CRM
  • 4 HR processes (employee recruitment / dismissal, business trip, cash withdrawal)
  • 4 business processes
  • 6 robots in CRM
  • 2 robots in tasks
The package can be tailored to the needs of your business.
Individual implementation

€ 30

per hour
  • Implementation of the boxed version
  • Implementing the cloud version
  • Development of individual functionality
  • Deep customization of the portal
Individual implementation for the tasks and specifics of your company. The cost of implementation is estimated after briefing and development of technical documentation.
We have sub-biased competencies
Silver Partner Bitrix24
CRM Business process Bitrix24
How the process is built
At this stage, we collect basic information about the needs, specifics of doing business and determine the level of knowledge of the company's management with information systems, the main principles and philosophy of their implementation.
If you wish, we will sign an NDA (Confidentiality Agreement).
If you wish, we will sign an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement).
For each position in the company, a set of tools and scenarios for working with them is defined.
Throughout the work, the customer provides administrative support, including in the formation of new regulations for the work of employees. Employees invited to the portal are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the official online training course.
Consultations of the customer's employees within 5 working days from the date of the demonstration.
After 2 weeks, feedback is collected and a pool of adjustments to the functionality or rules of operation in the system is formed.