What is Bitrix24?


Availability on platforms
Cloud version

Access to the service via the browser. Your portal is hosted on Bitrix24 servers

On-premise (Boxed version)

Access to the service via the browser. The portal is hosted on your server and can be modified for your company's tasks.

Windows/MacOS application

Full access to your cloud or boxed Bitrix24. The app takes care of making calls and syncing documents on disk.

Windows application
Mobile application

Convenient work with the main functions of the service. The app interacts with your cloud or boxed Bitrix24.

Google Play

Online office

Tasks and projects


Сontact center

Sites and online stores



Bitrix24.CRM helps you sell more
Communication with the client

All calls, emails, and chats with customers on the site and in social networks are saved in CRM.

Mobile CRM

Access to all CRM and payment terminal in the mobile app.

Sales plan and reports

Distribute the plan among employees, monitor the load on managers and analyze sales.

Calls from CRM

You rent a room or connect your telephony, and all calls and conversation records are saved in the CRM.

Simple CRM

You can see how many requests are being processed, at what stage, and who is currently handling them. Use Kanban (Board) to see all the movements of trades.

Automation, robotization

CRM itself guides the client through the funnel: from the first contact to a successful transaction. CRM robots send emails, sms, voice messages to customers, show ads, and set tasks for managers.

CRM card

The entire history of the transaction is visible: from the first request of the client (texts of letters, sms and chats, records of calls and meetings) to their assessment of the work of your employees. The card contains comments and all scheduled tasks for the client.

CRM Store

Issue invoices, accept payments, and manage delivery directly from the CRM. Generate a quick payment link and send it to the buyer in an SMS or email.

Sales generator

With one click, Bitrix24 will create repeated transactions with your clients and send them to the Manager for work. And the Manager will send information with tempting offers to "old" customers.

Documents in CRM

Print acts, invoices, power of attorney, invoices according to your own templates or use ready-made ones. Trust robots to create contracts, invoices, and acts. Send them by email, in a chat, or with a link in an sms.

Tunnels of sales

Quick and easy setup of the sales funnel between different stages. Just draw the buyer's path from one stage of the sale to the next, and Bitrix24 will build business processes according to your scenario.

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Bitrix24.Office helps to work together
Working groups

Join working groups: open, closed, with external contractors, clients in the extranet, distribute access rights between participants.

Bitrix24. Disk

Store documents on a disk inside the company. Edit files, discuss with colleagues. Disk automatically syncs files and documents with your computer.

Working with documents

View documents immediately in the app without downloading them. Edit them together online via MS Office, Google Docs, Office365, LibreOffice and on your local computer.

Reports to the Manager

Get your work reports on time and forget that you need to be constantly reminded about them. Adjust the plans of your colleagues, check the reports with what was planned.

Virtual presence in the office

Working in Bitrix24, you can see in real time which employees are currently active, and who has already completed the working day. This greatly simplifies remote work.


How to quickly notify all employees about the news at the same time? Write a post in the General feed. This simplifies discussions, saves time, and speeds up decision-making.


The planner will help you choose a meeting time that is suitable for all participants. Invite to meetings those who are not in your Bitrix24. Add the right person to the list of participants by e-mail. A reminder will be sent to the specified address.

Robotization (RPA)

In a few minutes, you will set up a business process yourself without a programmer, which will guide the document you need through all the stages and all those responsible. Each participant immediately receives all the information on it and can react instantly.

Business processes

Business processes will speed up coordination within the company: invoices, vacations, business trips will be automatically sent along the specified chain to the right employees. Business processes are configured using a simple graphical editor.

Working time tracking

Record the beginning and end of the working day and take into account the time worked. Create timesheets for different work modes: shift work, hourly or fixed time tracking schedules, free mode.

Knowledge Base

Arrange the instructions so that they are easy to read and apply. Create training materials-this will speed up the adaptation of new employees. Smart templates will help you make your articles look beautiful, even if you don't know much about design.

HD chats and video Calls, HD video conferences

Chat, make video calls, create private chats, open channels. Record video calls, show off your screen. Your clients and contractors will quickly connect to the call via the link, without registering in Bitrix24.

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Digitize your business processes and don't worry about routine operations
Business processes

A business process is an algorithm that can be used to automate typical operations within a company.

The business process designer is a visual automation tool. With it, setting up business processes is easy and even interesting. You don't need to program anything and have experience writing code. All work is carried out in a simple interface, which can be understood by anyone who knows how to hold a mouse in their hands:)

Business processes can be started automatically when creating a lead, transaction, contact, and company. To do this, enable the checkbox in the parameters of the business process template

The business process will start automatically if the item was created:

  • manually;
  • via email tracker;
  • automatically on an incoming call (if the corresponding function is enabled in the telephony settings);
  • via the CRM form on your website;
  • via the REST API or from the Marketplace app.

Robots and triggers

Working with clients and sales consists of many routine operations-scheduling meetings, working with mail and calls, setting tasks and monitoring their implementation.

What is a "robot"? This is a pre-planned algorithm for processing leads and deals, which is triggered when the item has moved to the desired status. For example, the robot can set a task when a new lead arrives, schedule a meeting, send a letter, or even inform the boss about a delay in working with the client. You can configure the behavior of robots directly in the lead or trade card. These settings will be saved for all elements.

Robots in Tasks - a tool for automating the workflow. They significantly accelerate the work of the company, increase the efficiency of employees and organize the implementation of large tasks and projects.

But what if you need non-linear logic? For example, for some user actions, skip stages or even close a trade or lead. For such situations, you can set special triggers.

A "trigger" is a specific user action, such as calling or visiting a site. As soon as this action works, the document will switch to the desired status. For example, if a user has filled out a form on the site - we have all the necessary information, and we can immediately move the lead to the Quality lead status.

Business robotics (RPA)

Business robotics (RPA) is a tool for automating company processes. You can automate almost any process of the company, especially in which several people are involved. If you are planning a business trip, with RPA you do not need to rush around the offices to collect signatures of your superiors, and then go to the accounting Department to coordinate all expenses.

Bitrix24 has long had business processes that companies use to automate their work. We received a lot of feedback where our customers asked us to simplify the tool. This was especially true for small processes such as the approval of a simple report.

Creating a process in RPA is similar to working with robots in CRM or tasks. First, you create the stages that the process moves through, and then you add actions to each stage of the process. For example, for a business trip process, you can create the "Business Trip Approval" and "Payment for tickets and Accommodation" stages. First, we send the manager the task to approve the business trip, and then immediately send all the information to the accountant for payment.

Focus on the main thing! Automate your business

Bitrix24. Tasks and projects

Work together on tasks and projects from any device

Set and control tasks where it is convenient for you. Even from a mobile phone. Bitrix24 will remind you about the deadlines and show you which tasks require more attention.

Robots in tasks

According to the scenario you have thought out, robots create new tasks, send emails, change the responsible persons or the status of the task.


Monitor employee performance. Use it to calculate the KPI and premium system in the company.


In the task, create a checklist from a step-by-step to-do list with one click. Assign your executor, observers, and determine the importance of each item on the checklist. Approach the end of the task by crossing out the completed items.

Auto-query statuses for tasks

Ping messages in the comments to tasks help you understand the real situation. Just "ping" those responsible and they will receive an automatic notification with a question about the status of the task. Ping messages are seen only by the performer and the Director – no unnecessary noise in the tasks.

Modes of operation

Work with tasks the way you are used to. In My plan, assign tasks yourself. In the list of tasks sorted by activity. It is convenient to check deadlines in Deadlines. The Gantt chart shows how the tasks are related to each other. Tags will help you group issues and find them quickly.

Access rights to tasks

Set the permissions settings for collaboration — both for a specific employee and for entire departments. For example, you can prevent employees from editing tasks and changing the responsible ones, and also prevent ordinary employees from setting tasks for higher-level employees.


Manage projects and distribute access rights among participants. Share tasks with external contractors and link them to CRM. Tasks in projects can be sorted by new comments, overdue and pending tasks.


Speed up your work with tasks that are regularly repeated. According to your template, Bitrix24 will set the task for you at the right time. Based on a single project, create templates with the same stages, responsibilities, files on Disk, and articles in the knowledge Base.

Tasks on e-mail

Set the task to the contractor by e-mail. He will only get access to this task and will be able to participate via email. To quickly create a task from an email, send it to a special e-mail address.

Voice assistants

Set the task by voice through Google Assistant or through the virtual assistant Alice in Yandex. They will clarify the essence of the task, ask about the responsible persons and deadlines. The task will immediately go to the performer.

Attention focusing system

Sometimes there are so many tasks that you can't keep track of them all. Attention focusing system:helps you keep track of your tasks; selects what is important to you, depending on the role in the task; raises tasks that require attention to the top.

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Bitrix24. Contact center

Contact center helps you love your customers

Rent a phone number or connect your own PBX. Set up your scenario for the development of events when the client contacts you. Everything will be saved in CRM.

Answering machine

A customer who has applied during non-working hours or during heavy traffic will receive information about this from the answering machine.

Clients appreciate the conversations

Keep track of how your managers communicate: how quickly they respond, what ratings customers give, evaluate the dialogues yourself.

Chat on the site

Set up a chat on your website and respond to customers in real time. Their contacts will become your trophy in the fight for conversion in sales.

Everything is saved in CRM

You will recognize your regular customer even when they contact you through different channels. You will see the entire history of communication with him in CRM.

Distribution of calls and messages

Calls and messages from connected channels are sent to your Contact center and distributed among employees according to the queue rules. The entire history of communication with the client will be saved in Bitrix24.

Call tracking

Distribute phone numbers across different advertising channels and track where more customers will come from. You will determine which advertising media give the best result.


Connect your mailbox. Use familiar and understandable scenarios for working with emails. You can create a meeting, set a task, or publish a post for all employees directly from the email.

Analysis of the work

Thanks to the received reports, you will be able to find out the time load, evaluate the effectiveness of both the communication channels themselves and the work of operators.

Open lines

Connect VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Yandex.Chat, Avito, WeChat, Apple Business Chat and other channels. All messages from the chat will be sent to Bitrix24. The dialog will automatically create a transaction, and the entire communication history will be saved in the CRM.

Analytical reports on calls

Reports will show the percentage of satisfied customers, how effective managers are, and how many calls they lose. Due to accurate data on the workload of employees and expenses on calls, you will be able to make decisions quickly.


Your client will fill out an application or request to the feed of their social network. Use a simple editor to create any form. Post questionnaires, invitations, and registration forms on your website. When you click on the ad button, a form will open with the fields already filled in. All data will automatically get into the CRM.

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Bitrix24.Websites and Bitrix24.Stores

Help to sell
Easy and convenient

Choose a ready-made template that is suitable for your business. Easily change texts, backgrounds, images, and add ready-made blocks from the catalog.

Full-fledged online store

Choose a template with a modern design, add products to the catalog or transfer them with one click from Instagram. Connect an online sales register, delivery service and the store is ready to go.

Convenient product catalog

Change the description and prices and trade offers, offer discounts and compare products, keep stock balances. The buyer sees the order history and personal offers in their personal account.

News feed

Add a post to the group's news and it will be included in the news on your site. The image and text will be published in the desired form, regardless of how you placed them in the message.


In one click in the settings, connect Google.They to get full statistics on the website. You will always have complete statistics about the work of the online store.

Simple website builder

Choose from ready-made blocks or create your own: photo galleries, videos, CRM forms, schedules and much more. The site created in the designer is immediately adapted to all permissions, mobile devices, iOS and Android.

Graphic Editor

Edit photos and images directly inside the website builder without using additional programs and involving designers. In a simple editor, you can easily crop images, change brightness and colors, and add effects.

Super Blocks in the site builder

You can select any block in the constructor and completely change the design: swap elements, add missing ones or remove unnecessary ones. Whatever you change, the blocks will look great on any device.

Website and store inside CRM

All contacts of clients who write to you from the site or call you are immediately entered in the CRM and get into the work of managers. Orders and customer messages from forms on the site, mail, messengers and social networks, phone calls immediately get into CRM.

Auto seo

Your website or online store is already ready for promotion: pages load quickly and meet the requirements of search engines. You do not need to understand SEO to raise the site to the TOP for key queries.

Personal Sales Store

CRM will download customer contacts and products from your Instagram account. Post a link to the store in social networks and accept orders. Customers will appreciate the fast payment from mobile and the level of personal service.

Live store

Consult the customer live, show the products as if they are near you. The manager only needs a laptop and internet. All visitors can connect to the broadcast to watch and ask questions.

Orders from social networks

Actively sell in social networks? Connect Instagram or VKontakte group to your online store. All orders will get into the CRM, you will be able to analyze transactions and use contacts to encourage repeat purchases.

Sales automation

Leave the routine work to the robots. They will send an email or message to the client on time without your help. The buyer will receive up-to-date information at each stage: replenishment of the basket, payment for goods, stages of formation and delivery of the order.

CRM marketing

Segment your customer base and send them personalized e-mail and SMS newsletters directly from the CRM. Set up ads in social networks. Bitrix24 will help you choose promotion channels and warn you if you are spending your advertising budget inefficiently.

Mobile online store

The online store looks great on iOS and Android mobile devices. Customers are used to the format of an endless feed from social networks – this is how you can show products in the store. Fast order payment via ApplePay and Google Pay is supported.

Free chat on the site

The client can fill out the application form, write to the online chat or order a callback – no appeal will be lost. The manager will immediately receive a message from the client to quickly respond or call back. No need to connect third-party services and configure them – everything is ready.