CRM implementation and automation

CRM implementation and automation of a multidisciplinary company

  • ClientCapeCoffee
  • IndustryHoReCa, Service, Wholesale and retail trade
  • ServicesBitrix24, Consulting , Process automation , CRM implementation

C Cape Coffee is a full-service company. Specializes not only in roasting coffee and deliveries to cafes and restaurants, but also in quality control, service of coffee machines, Barista training.

  • CRM implementation and automation
  • Transferring data related to the company's clients
  • Automation of service and quality control
CRM implementation and automation

The company specializes in comprehensive services in the HoReCa segment: from roasting coffee to servicing coffee machines and training employees. Many services and processes in the company are interconnected, so we had to pay special attention to the analysis of these processes and the relationship of these services.

As a result, we proposed a scheme for CRM operation, its automation and differentiation of rights in it, so that employees could focus on their tasks, and deals for related services were formed automatically. Thus, the reporting for each direction took into account all the work, and the overall report on clients formed a picture of transactions and profits in General.

For more efficient operation, CRM was integrated with telephony, and thanks to the expansion of customer cards and the use of universal lists, it was possible to significantly expand the data for each counterparty: what equipment was transferred, when maintenance was performed, what deliveries were made, etc. This work was the first step for collecting data and calculating the client's LTV.

Transferring data related to the company's clients

A number of disparate tables used by the company's employees were moved to CRM. We imported them into universal lists. You can learn more about the transfer procedure in our article.

Automation of service and quality control

We have described the solution to the problem of service automation using web forms in a separate case, which you can find here.


The company received a set of tools that allowed it to quickly get information about current orders, and significantly reduce the time for routine tasks.

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